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Monday 22 Dec 2014
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Fire Protection
Are You Safe or Not? PDF Print E-mail

According To National Fire Authorities. . .

• Almost 200 fires are severe enough to be responded to by fire departments every hour in the U.S.!
• There are at least 1 fatality on the scene of those fires every two hours, this does not include those who die days and weeks later as a result of severe injuries.
• There are 2 people burned, injured, and/or disfigured by fires every hour.
• There is $1,000,000 in Property damage in the U.S. due to destructive fires every hour.
• 90% of US homes have either defective or no fire protection at all.

We strive to educate the consumer about how fires start and spread, and then provide them with the tools to detect, suppress and escape their fire. We hope no one ever has a fire, but statistics show that it happens to someone almost every day.

Are you prepared to escape if you would have a fire tonight? Once the fire has started, it is too late to get this information. We encourage you to visit with one of our Safety Advisors to find about how our equipment and escape planning procedures can help you protect your family.

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Free in Home Fire Safety Analysis.